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Allgemeinvorschriften-Part A Administration

01.00.00 Allgemeinvorschriften General
01.01.00 Sprache  Language
01.01.01 Die offizielle Sprache in der Klasse ist Englisch und im Falle von Streitigkeiten über Übersetzungen soll der englische Text der Basistext sein. Das Wort soll ist obligatorisch und das Wort Kann ist nachgiebig.
The official language of the Class is English and in case of dispute over translation the English text shall prevail.  The word "shall" is mandatory and the word "may" is permissive.
01.02.00 Abbreviation

               ISAF        Internationel Sailing Federation
               MNA        ISAF Member National Association
               IMCCA    International Micro Cuper Class Association
               NMCA     National Micro Class Association.
               ERS        Equipment Rules of Sailing
               RRS        Racing Rules of Sailing

01.03.00 Authorities
01.03.01 The international authority of the class is the ISAF which shall co-operate with the IMCCA in all matters concerning these Class Rulles.
01.03.02 The Certification Authorities isthe IMCCA which may delegate part of all its functions to NMCA's
The IMCCAhas the right to withdraw a certificate issued bz a NMCA
01.04.00 Administration of the class
01.04.01 ISAF has delegated its administrative functions of the class to MNA’s.  The MNA may delegate part or all of its functions, as stated in these Class Rules, to a NMCA.
01.04.02 The Certification Authority is the IMCCA which may delegate part or all of its functions to NMCA’s.
The IMCCA has the right to withdraw a Certificate issued by a NMCA.
01.05.00 ISAF Rules
01.05.01 These Class Rules shall be read in conjunction with the ERS
01.05.02 Except where used in headings, when a term is printed in “bold” the definition in the ERS     applies and when a term is printed in “bold italics” the definition in the RRS applies.
01.06.00 Amendments to class Rules
01.06.01The Class Rules are submitted to a four−yearly revision, with effect on January 1st, 2006.  The present edition which include all amendments since 1977, cancel those preceding.  They shall be applicable as from April 16th, 2006. Exceptionally, the next edition will be published in 2009.
The present revision of the edition shall be applicable as from April 16th, 2008
01.06.02 Only in exceptional cases, rules shall only be amended in this four-year period, under the form of an interpretation (see 01.07.00) or a Test Rule (see 01.06.03).
01.06.03 Test RulesNew Class Rules may be tested for a defined period.  They are published in Appendix 4  of the Class Rules.
NMCA’s may refuse application of the Test Rules for national events.
NMCA’s shall require approval of the IMCCA to refuse application of the Test Rules in international events.
01.07.00 Interpretations of Class Rules
01.07.01 At any time the International Committee of the International Micro Cupper Clas Association shall be responsible for the interpretation of any part of these rules and it reserves the right to rule on any new eventuality that might arise.
01.07.02 Interpretations are valid for no more than four years and should be withdrawn or included in the Class Rules at their next revision.
01.07.03 A list of interpretations of these rules is published by IMCCA.
01.08.00 ( Reserved for future use
01.09.00 Identification on sails
01.09.01 Sail Numbers shall be issued by the MNA. The MNA may delegate issuing of Sail
Numbers to the NMCA.
01.09.02 Sail numbers may be part of a list of anational handicup  system.
01.09.03 A sail number is issued for a hull and shall not be re-used for subsquent Boats
01.10.00 Certification of Boats
01.10.01 A Measurement Certificate shall be issued by a national measurer appointed by the IMCCA or a NMCA, using the template file published by the IMCCA. This document is shown in Appendix 5.
01.10.02 The Measurement Certificate shall record the following information:
                a. Division
                b. Certification Authority
                c.  Sail Number issued by the MNA or its delgate authority
                d. Boat Name
                e. Owner
                f. Hull identification, icluding Boat type, Seriel Number if any , previous known Sail  
                g. Builder/ Manufacturer details
                h. Date of issue of the Certificate
                i. All measurements related to measurement rules, and according sketches where needed.
01.10.03 A simplified procedure may be applied for production Boats under the terms of Appendix 1.
01.10.04 A Boat Certificate becomes invalid upon
                a. the change to any items recorded on the Boat Certificate as required under 01.10.02
                b. withdrawal by the Certification Authority
                c. the issue of a new Certificate
01.10.05 Retention of Certificate documentation
               The Certification Authority shall:
                a. retain the original documentation upon which the current Certificate is based;
                b. upon request, transfer this documentation to the new Certification Authority if the Hull is



Die vorliegende Basisvermessung enthält alle Änderungen seit 1977, ersetzt und streicht alle vorangegangenen Regeln. Sie sollen ab dem 01.Januar 2002 angewand werden.
The present rules, which include all amendments since 1977 replace and cancel those preceding.  They shall be applicable as from 1st January 2002.
01.04.00 Die Micro-Klasse beheimatet zwei Kategorien von Serienbooten, "Regattaboote" und "Küstenkreuzer". Diese Kategorien haben spezielle Beschränkungen die in Anhang 1 definiert sind. Wenn ein Boot eine dieser Beschränkungen nicht erfüllt wird es als "Prototyp".
The Micro Class includes two Divisions of production yachts, Racers and Cruisers.  These divisions have special limitations, as defined in Appendix 1.  When a yacht does not qualify for one of these divisions, she will be considered as a "Prototype".
 01.05.00 Rahmenvorschriften:GENERAL LIMITATIONS:Die gemeinsamen Rahmenvorschriften sind die folgenden, einige zusätzliche Vorschriften gelten für "Regattaboote" und "Küstenkreuzer", siehe Anhang 1.
Common limitations are the following, some additional limitations may apply for Racers and Cruisers, see Appendix 1.
01.05.01 Die Rumpflänge gemessen 0,7 m oberhalb der Wasserlinie darf 5,5 m nicht überschreiten und die mittlere Freibordhöhe darf nicht unter 0,6 m sein.
The Hull length measured 0,70 metre above the waterline shall not exceed 5,50 metre and average freeboard shall not be less than 0,60 metre.
01.05.02 Das Vermessungsgewicht darf nicht unter 450 kg liegen.
The Displacement shall not be less than 450 kilograms.
01.05.03 Größte Breite des Rumpfes: 2,45 m
The Maximum Beam shall not exceed 2,45 metres.
01.05.04 Tiefgang: max. 1,10 m
The Maximum Draft shall not exceed 1,10 metres.
01.05.05 a.b.a.  Gesamtsegelfläche (Großsegel und Genua): max. 18,50 m²Fläche des Spinnakers: max. 18,50 m²
The Maximum Sail Area upwind (main + genoa) shall not exceed 18,50 square metres. The Maximum Spinnaker Area shall not exceed 18,50 square metres.
01.05.06 Die Stabilität des Schiffes muß den Kriterien der Paragraphen in Teil 4 (04.00.00), genügen,dargestellt in Figuren 7 , 8.
The Stability of the vessel shall be governed by the dispositions described in Part 4 (04.00.00).
01.05.07 Die Auftriebskörper sollen die schwimmfähigkeit des Bootes in einer aufrechten Position sicherstellen.
Buoyancy shall maintain the boat floating in an upright position.
01.05.08 a.b.a.  Es sollen mindestens 3 Kojen in der Kabine vorhanden seinDie Standhöhe über dem Kabinenboden soll mindestens 1,15 m betragen
There shall be at least three berths in the cabin. b.  The standing height above the cabin sole shall not be less than 1,15 metre.